Client Reviews

The most exquisite & bespoke Jutti collection with some enchanting desi-modern fusions, Totally in love !!! - Divya Khanduri, India

Amaryllis keeps the trend and tradition in mind while designing the Jutti - Avneet Kaur, India

I am in love with Amaryllis, everything about them is awesome. I love their style, it’s unique and beautiful. The best part is that they are very comfortable; someone who has been wearing Juttis all her life knows that it’s very rare to find.... well it’s a must for every girl - Niharika, India

“Loved wearing my Amaryllis jutti’s during my friend wedding celebrations. They are the most comfortable Jutti's. They’re beautiful, fun and versatile. You can dress them up or down- I love wearing them with jeans as well. They’re beautifully made and the designs are so unique. Highly recommend these gorgeous Jutti's!” - Swati Nautiyal, India

The bestest juttis in the market!! You will find me proudly wearing Amaryllis juttis all the time. Their styles are unique and the quality is top notch! The best thing about their juttis is that they are versatile, stylish, comfortable & durable. I found the cushioning so comfortable!!  - Spoorthy, India