Amaryllis Story

Amaryllis is the brain child of a sister-sister duo, bonded with love but living oceans apart. This journey brings them together so they can spend hours talking while doing what they love the most.. BEING CREATIVE AND MAKING PEOPLE HAPPY!!


Founder and sidekick (aka co-founder) Shweta & Pooja when they were kiddos..

versus when they grew up to be two budding entrepreneurs.


Amaryllis Jutti co founder


Amaryllis Team, lead by these women entrepreneurs, have the fire & desire to bring you the best-in-class beautifully handcrafted Juttis. Our very local artisans, operating out of culturally rich Lucknow, put their heart & soul in crafting each pair with meticulous details and patience. Every pair crafted is never rushed through the entire making process as we defy the norms of supply chain & believe in preserving the art of handicraft.

Miles to go before we put a smile on each of your faces with our pieces of art!